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Bridget ISBA

Bridget Duignan for 3rd Vice President of the ISBA

My Goal Is to Build a Better ISBA Together

Dear ISBA Members,


Hello to all of my fellow members of the Illinois State Bar Association. My name is Bridget Duignan, and today, I begin my candidacy for 3rd Vice President of the ISBA. To those of you who know and have supported me, I sincerely thank you. To those of who you do not know me, I invite you to reach out and get to know me.

Over the last few years, our world has changed in many ways, and the legal profession has faced more than its share of challenges. But, isn’t that why most of us became lawyers—to help those who are facing challenges and difficulties? With this in mind, I believe that the ISBA needs the leadership and experience that I bring, and I am excited to help lead the ISBA as we look to a better, more diverse future.

As 3rd Vice President of the ISBA, I will work diligently to:

  • Promote women in the workplace and beyond: As a profession, we must take steps to recognize the value of women lawyers and their contributions. Doing so will require a great deal of communication and understanding by lawyers from all walks of life.
  • Tackle struggles associated with work-life balance among lawyers: Finding the right balance between one’s family and career is an important consideration for any professional, but lawyers often struggle to do so in a healthy, productive way. My aim is to find ways to help attorneys meet their professional and personal goals.
  • Eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace: Every attorney and law firm employee deserves to work in a safe, healthy environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. I will continue to work on solutions and best practices so that all lawyers and other workers in the legal profession are fully protected.
  • Create post-pandemic stability for employers and employees: Much has changed for the legal profession since the COVID-19 pandemic turned the entire world upside down. I will work with the ISBA and its membership to come up with ideas on how to address struggles associated with our "new normal" so that we can all thrive.

One thing is certain: I cannot do this alone. I need the support of the ISBA, our Board of Governors, and our members at large. With this in mind, I respectfully ask you to consider voting for me for 3rd Vice President of the ISBA. I also invite you to contact me with any ideas you have to make the ISBA a better organization for us all.


Best regards,

Bridget Duignan

Associations and badges Associations and badges Associations and badges Associations and badges Associations and badges

This is your ISBA, and you deserve to be heard. I am excited about the things we can accomplish together!

Experience Where It Counts

Prepared to Lead

  • Chair of the ISBA Tort Section Council
  • Secretary of Illinois Lawyers’ Political Action Committee
  • Past Member of the ISBA Board of Governors
  • Past Secretary and Treasurer of the ISBA

Honors & Awards

  • Women’s Bar Association of Illinois Top Women Lawyers in Leadership Award, 2020
  • ISBA Board of Governors Award for Service to the Bar, 2019
  • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association President’s Award, 2014
  • Illinois Bar Foundation Silver Fellow



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